Taming wild data for a painless professional services experience.

Immediate access to relevant data, dashboards, and reports

  • Organize data
  • Gather insight across data cages
  • Maintain connected data
  • Connect disparate systems

Law firms invest heavily in technology and many license “best of breed” solutions, each with its own valuable data. Data flows are in place to feed the separate systems, but not always to provide connected insights. A common solution is to use spreadsheets to make these connections, but disconnected spreadsheets stored deep in your document management system, or on a user’s hard drive, are not the answer. These sheets are fixed in time, use untested calculations, deploy randomly named columns, and, even if they look like they connect, the resulting data insights may well be inaccurate or out of date.

ZooBoss connects your data and provides the tools law firms use most in their data-driven processes. Create, schedule, and automatically email reports. Build PDF report books based on ZooBoss reports or other sources. Email personalized books and reports to partners or committees. Create, email, and collect data from spreadsheet-like forms. Build and deliver dashboards to allow your users real-time access to the most important data and online analysis tools.

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