Snap™ Billing & Finance

Digital transformation and the use of intelligent solutions start with a rock-solid foundation. There’s no stronger starting point for streamlining your business operations.

Enterprise-grade billing & finance for future-ready firms

What Stands Out

Snap Billing & Finance

  • Single, comprehensive source of the truth
  • Reliably transparent, timely, and accurate bills
  • Enterprise-grade financial management and accounting
  • Pre-set, best-practice processes

Solution Capabilities

Robust, standardized, best-practice business processes at the core of your firm


Bill the way that your clients ask you to. Snap Billing & Finance streamlines, automates, and validates billing functions within your organization, providing real-time visibility of the entire life cycle time & costs are turned into WIP, until you collect payment. In short, let us help you to keep your eyes on the prize.


Our financial management, accounting operations, and best-practices support firms both locally and globally in over 14,100 companies worldwide – including professional services firms, banks, and governments.


Manage the procurement of goods or services, including pay-when-paid scenarios, no matter the way they were initiated, through receiving goods, invoicing and issuing payment.


  1. 01

    Extensive embedded analytics and alerts

  2. 02

    Embedded procurement and human resources tools

  3. 03

    Workflows tailored to best practices ready to go Day 1

  4. 04

    Real-time visibility and complete mobility

  5. 05

    Flexible and scalable to your firm’s needs

Engineered for Integration

Snap Billing & Finance supports integrations with intake and conflicts, ethical walls, document management, analytics, e-billing, project management, and many other systems. Want to check if we integrate with your systems? Please contact us.

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