Snap™ TimeConnect™

Designed for seamless interoperability with third-party time management systems

A time management integration solution that eliminates data silos and simplifies digital access.

What Stands Out

Snap™ TimeConnect™

  • Validation & Rules Built In
  • Secure & Global Ready
  • Open & Modern Integration
  • Scalable, Flexible & Stable Platform

The biggest challenge to your back office performance lies in poor integration. Whether you are cloud-based or on-premise, Fulcrum Snap can be integrated seamlessly with any SAP and non-SAP application using the TimeConnect™ integration solution.

End-to-end platform buy-in isn’t suitable for all our clients, which is where our Connect solutions come in. TimeConnect™ allows you to keep using your existing third-party solution while plugging into the benefits of the SNAP™ Billing and finance ecosystem. We like to build in flexibility to our solutions so you can manage your back office systems the way that works best for your firm.

Solution Capabilities

Enterprise-class security & data analytics

Regardless of third-party product, easily provide key master data for clean and valid time entries while allowing your firm to run in near time. Business leaders will be able to make critical decisions with up-to-date information, while operations teams process transactions and complete tasks with ease supported by enterprise-class security.

Prepackaged integration content and configurations

Built with prepackaged integration content for common time entry systems to consume necessary data for the application of time in the billing process. Provides pre-built configurations, packaged services, deployment templates and accelerators that make digital access simple.

Constantly Innovating

Includes annual releases to ensure continuous innovation and improvement, allowing you to focus on delivering results for your clients.

Key Benefits

  1. 01

    Seamless connectivity to third-party products

  2. 02

    Clean & valid time entries

  3. 03

    Pre-packaged integration and configurations

  4. 04

    Eliminate data silos through the secure delivery of key master data

  5. 05

    Enhanced strategic decision-making through near-time data analytics

Read more about what TimeConnect™ can do for your firm in our one-page datasheet

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