Snap Budgets™

An all-in-one budgeting solution for your firm's revenue, expenses and CAPEX needs

In-depth insight and control over budgets in a smart, real-time, consolidated system.

Solution Capabilities

All-In-One Budgeting

Complex business operations require realistic budgets. The modern, digital law firm requires a centralized system with intelligent administration tools to create, monitor, and maintain a consistent level of success. Maximize budget accuracy and effectiveness, reduce administrative burden, and enable your firm to become more efficient in budgeting cycles by combining best-practice templates, live access to firm-wide data, role-based management, and real-time drill-down analytics.

Revenue, OPEX, Compensation & More

Intricate budgets require a powerful engine to model and forecast with accuracy, allowing the firm to become truly aligned across each respective line of business. Performing sensitivity analyses has never been easier while creating budgets, and monitoring budgets is a breeze with real-time reporting and alerts on actuals vs. budget. Access to historical data is at your fingertips so data-driven decisions can lead the way.

Budgeting Highlights

Build revenue-based budgets by timekeeper or title using rates, hours, and writedowns.

Budget for depreciation on current asset balances and budgeted asset purchases

Manage timekeeper and staff compensation while securing access to sensitive and confidential data.

Key Benefits

  1. 01

    Distributed preparation with easy consolidation

  2. 02

    Embedded workflow and monitoring of budgeting process

  3. 03

    Simple and effective template administration

  4. 04

    Full versioning for auditing and tracking

  5. 05

    Pre-built budgeting dashboards

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