Snap™ Revenue Management

Reduce aging receivables and late collections, driving down write-offs and outstanding debt so that fees billed quickly become fees collected.

Improve cash flow, reduce bad debt, and facilitate collections

What Stands Out

Snap Revenue Management

  • Real-Time Visibility Across Clients & Client Groups
  • Accessible On All Devices, Anywhere
  • Automated Workflows and Notifications
  • Full Synchronization with Billing & Finance Systems

Solution Capabilities

Improving the collections process to drive better cash flow and reducing bad debt

Revenue management is essential in every business – and every law firm wants their clients to pay invoices on time and in full. Effective revenue management helps to prevent late payments, but too often, it is complex and labor-intensive. Our solution exploits automation and integration to make it easier and more effective.

Visibility & Collaboration

Specifically designed for law firms, Snap Revenue Management delivers fully integrated mobile-enabled collections and revenue management capabilities. It affords greater visibility and enables better collaboration, avoiding mishaps and minimizing manual errors in the collections process.

Collections Processing

Snap Revenue Management automates processing, posting, and confirming incoming payments. It uses financial data to set triggers that alert users when action is needed, reducing manual effort and enhancing statutory compliance. The solution provides a real-time view of revenue management, automatically prioritizes work for revenue management professionals, and allows them to focus on the right tasks at the right time to maximize collections.

Key Benefits

  1. 01

    Full integration with billing and finance system for immediate visibility and reduction in errors

  2. 02

    Increase realization and decrease the service-to-cash cycle time

  3. 03

    Reduce current levels of write-offs and write-downs without delay

  4. 04

    Notification of potential bad debts with quick remediation functionality

  5. 05

    Identify overdue debs and broken promises in real time

Read more about what Snap Revenue Management can do for your firm in our one-page datasheet

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