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Fulcrum Snap

Your Law Firm’s Journey to Effortless, Digitally-Driven Business Operations Starts Here.

Choose the solutions you need to evolve your firm’s operations

No need for custom software - our solution can manage your operations out-of-box, today.

Ready-made, configurable tools

Fulcrum GT’s products are tailored to the needs of globally-oriented law firms. No messing around with custom software builds -- We have what you need to manage your firm’s operations today.

The Whole Truth, And Nothing But the Truth

Our products manage all your business data in one secure, powerful database - it's your one source of the "truth" about your operations. Our products are designed to have all your firm’s business data stored in one secure database -- with us, there will only ever be one source of ‘truth’ when managing your firm’s operations.

No Surprises Here

All Fulcrum GT deployments operate on a fixed scope, timeline, and price. With us, you will always know what is being delivered, when, and for how much.

The Highest Standard of Care for Our Clients

All our deployments include comprehensive support, including training, and ongoing system management support to ensure everything is always running smoothly

Done in a “Snap” – Stable, Scalable, & Flexible

All our Snap products are built on SAP S/4Hana Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) -- a leading-edge system that seamlessly integrates all the software you need for your firm’s business operations, will never become legacy software, and will grow and change with your firm. All our other products, built on our own proprietary, are designed to integrate with all our HANA-based operations and will scale and adapt to your changing business needs. All our other products are designed and built to fully integrate with the Snap suite.

Matter Inception & Execution

Best practices and operational standards from the start

Mitigate risk, start with clean data, and automate outdated manual processes.

Business Operations

Enterprise-grade solutions at the heart of your organization

Run your firm with confidence by leveraging our built for purpose and performance solutions

Real-Time Analytics

Real-time data at your finger-tips to inform decision and action

Access all of your data across the organization and enable your team to make better, data-driven decisions

Real-Time Analytics