Epoch™ Time Management

Capture, record, and validate all of your time entry data with ease.

Effortless Time Recording and Cleaner Billing Data

What Stands Out

Epoch™ Time Management

  • User Focused, Expedient Time Entry Methods
  • Practice Management System Agnostic
  • Cross-Platform, Real-Time Synchronization
  • Intelligent Time Capture

You'll track time more accurately and comprehensively with Epoch™, and quality data in means more accurate, transparent, and compliant bills.

Solution Capabilities

Time Management

Your clients want transparency at a granular level for services rendered, with total adherence to agreed billing guidelines. Your timekeepers deserve a simple, quick, and non-intrusive experience when recording their valuable time. Epoch™ Time Management improves time entry and validation to deliver on these requirements.

Get real-time assistance with adhering to client guidelines. Epoch™ integrates with your firm's data to create time entries with appropriate, phases, tasks, and activities. Built-in rules and logic ensure data quality.

Timers and Flexible Time Entry

Use timers that are fully synchronized across your mobile, desktop, web, tablet, and wearable device. Or use, Epoch’s™ other expedient time entry methods that help you find that lost time., Tag your colleagues in any relevant group time entries that you create to have those entries appear automatically on their timesheets.

Time Capture

If you're working, then so is TimeCast. Working in the background, TimeCast captures the time you spend working in nearly any application or website and also incorporates your Calendar appointments. Turn the data that's been automatically captured for you into time entries with just one click.


  1. 01

    Device-Agnostic Accessibility & Offline Re-Synchronization

  2. 02

    Custom Time Entry Templates

  3. 03

    Tracking and Shortlisting of Matters

  4. 04

    Narrative Codes, Rules, & Widget Shortcuts

  5. 05

    DMS & Billing Systems Integration

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The billing rules, some of the flexibility that it offered, the templates, that really became attractive to us.

Kim WasilewskiCFO, Bradford & Barthel

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