Salvo™ E-Billing

Modern, streamlined, and simplified E-billing operations through real-time collaboration with E-billing vendors.

Comprehensively prepare, verify, submit and track your electronic invoices

What Stands Out

Salvo E-Billing

  • Captures Client Specific Data Configurations
  • Enforces Billing & Timekeeper Validations
  • Supports Most LEDES Formats
  • Built-in Analytics & Process Flows
  • Collaboration On Appeal Deadline & Adjustments

Solution Capabilities


Automatically convert your invoices to LEDES formats, submit multiple e-bills to vendor sites, and track status with the click of a button—no need to check each site individually. Salvo’s intelligent technologies reduce manual effort and provide real-time visibility into the E-billing process.


Verification engines validate invoices against outside counsel guidelines and billing rules, flagging errors or exceptions so invoices aren’t rejected at time of submission. Embedded dashboards and reporting tools make it easy to assess your entire e-bill process and to drive compliant and timely service-to-cash cycles.

Tracking and Reporting

Salvo provides real-time updates across all E-billing vendor sites allowing law firms to respond more quickly to rejections. Collection teams can also view the status of outstanding invoices before contacting the client.

Key Benefits

  1. 01

    Device-Agnostic Accessibility & Offline Re-Synchronization

  2. 02

    Custom Templates

  3. 03

    Tracking and Shortlisting of Matters

  4. 04

    Narrative Codes, Rules, & Widget Shortcuts

  5. 05

    DMS & Billing Systems Integration

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We’re starting to use the tool to the fullest, getting a faster turnaround on our cash, and identifying problems sooner.

Kim WasilewskiCFO, Bradford & Barthel

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