Curo™ Matter Management

Your clients' most important matters deserve meaningful quotes, realistic budgets, and balanced team structures.

Innovative pricing, analysis, and matter management - all in one place

What Stands Out

Curo Matter Management

  • Alternative Fee Arrangements
  • Resource Allocation Engine
  • Real-Time Matter Tracking & Reporting
  • Workflow & Team Management
  • Historic Data Utilization
  • Access From Any Device

Drive improved profitability and a high-quality client experience by balancing client needs with firm expectations and standards.

Solution Capabilities

Scoping & Pricing

Engineer team structures with Curo™ to drive the best-leveraged resources. By understanding client needs and managing matter scope—down to the task level—your team can deliver the optimal service for your clients' matters. Integration into billing systems allows client terms and rates to be pulled directly into quotes for accurate pricing estimates while simultaneously monitoring the potential impact to the firm.

Fee Arrangements

Complex fee arrangements can be modeled to improve profitability and to meet client demands while team structures resources to be optimally leveraged.

Managing Matters

Achieve better matter-level outcomes by working proactively versus reactively. Tracking actuals vs. budget in real-time, Curo™ alerts your team to any cost overruns in the matter lifecycle, keeping costs on budget and improving margins by avoiding write-downs.

Key Benefits

  1. 01

    Embedded Analytics & Alerts

  2. 02

    Project Management Toolsets

  3. 03

    Built-In Templates & Process Flows

  4. 04

    Real-Time Collaboration Tools

  5. 05

    Data-Driven Quotes

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