Snap™ BI Connect™

Designed for seamless interoperability with third-party business intelligence systems

Unleash full business intelligence capabilities with BI Connect™

What Stands Out

Snap™ BI Connect ™

  • Validation & Rules Built In
  • Secure & Global Ready
  • Open & Modern Integrations
  • Scalable, Flexible & Stable Platform

The integrity of business intelligence is underpinned by the timeliness and quality of data. Regardless of which third-party business intelligence solution you are using, BI Connect™ can easily provide key transactional and operational data for fast and effective business intelligence gathering.

BI Connect seamlessly integrates data warehouse, analytics and visualization toolsets with the wider Snap™ finance and billing ecosystem to help your firm to utilize data easily in realtime with a smart, optimized data transfer mechanism model so your firm receives accurate data without the inefficiency of mass data transfer or batched transmission of data.

Our solutions are built to be open and flexible, as we know firms have preferences and different levels of inclination for change management, so you can manage your back office systems the way that works best for your firm.

Solution Capabilities

Enterprise-class security & data analytics

Regardless of third-party product, easily transmit key transactional and operational data for fast and effective business intelligence gathering. Business leaders will be able to make critical decisions with near-time information, while being underpinned by enterprise-class security and compliance.

Prepackaged integration content and configurations

Built with pre-packaged integration content for common business intelligence systems to consume necessary data for complex data analytics. Provides pre-built reference architectures, data models, packaged accelerators and deployment templates for Fulcrum Snap™ solutions.

Constantly Innovating

Annual releases ensure continuous innovation and improvement, allowing you to focus on the insight behind the data.

Key Benefits

  1. 01

    Seamless connectivity to third-party products

  2. 02

    Reduce transmission of data from new record creation

  3. 03

    Pre-packaged integration and configurations

  4. 04

    Optimise data flows through the secure delivery of key master data

  5. 05

    Enhanced strategic decision-making through near-time data analytics

Read more about what BI Connect™ can do for your firm in our one-page datasheet

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