Fulcrum Managed Care

Fulcrum Managed Care AMS offerings help your organization to achieve their strategic, technical, and operational objectives by supplementing your expertise across technical and business support, technical development, and operational management.

About AMS

  • Simplify IT & Tech Support
  • Stability in Business Operations
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Strategic Enablement
  • Proactive and Predictive Monitoring

No one knows the legal industry like Fulcrum. Not only can we deliver functional and technical support, but we can deliver business process support so your firm can run optimally and deliver the best results to your clients.

We have a deep understanding of processes, data, and people so we can offer:

Business Critical Support

With knowledge of processes and functions, FMC can deploy additional resources to support critical business processes while resolving day-to-day issues.

Reduce Transactional Work

Support the transition of high-skilled business resources to value-adding tasks while handling day-to-day transactional items.

Standardize and Align Solutions

When ready, bring your firm up to speed with Fulcrum Snap™ standards and roadmaps, easing customization burdens and future transitions to next-gen technologies.

Stabilize IT

Maintain, monitor, and resolve issues with integrations from other legal solutions and third-party systems.

Improve Time to Resolution

Having multi-dimensional experts and architects allows FMC to easily identify and resolve issues in a timely and cost-effective fashion.