HCM Recruit

Source, engage and hire leading talent to help grow your firm. Our focus should be on deliving results to the business, not worrying about systems that you back. Find the right people, use embedded automation to embrace best-practice recurring processes and automate what you can so the experience is as good for your firm as it is for the candidate.

Key Capabilities

  • Global talent sourcing
  • GDPR and data privacy compliant
  • Applicant tracking and management
  • Industry-specific workflows and rules (ex: lateral hire conflict checking)
  • Automated workflows and notifications
  • Templated job requisitions
  • Localized candidate experience

Recruit the way you want

Whether proactively building a talent pipeline or filling an important job requisition, nurture the talent pipeline to fit the needs of your business. Utilize the power of a platform that allows you to maintain a global careers site with integrations into hundreds, if not thousands, of social and job platforms to make your life easier and provide outstanding results back to the business.

  • Campaigns and automated posts
  • Remove bias in job descriptions and hire more diversely
  • Establish rules for equitable and fair pay regardless of race, orientation, gender or other status types
  • Self-service tools for recruiters and sourcers
  • Mobile first career site capabilities
  • Background check integrations (where applicable)

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