HCM Core

What can you do? The better question is what can’t you do? Snap HCM Core goes beyond a static HRIS and delivers a complete system of engagement to understand and empower your organization, all wrapped up in an intuitive experience personalized to fit the needs of each employee.

Key Capabilities

  • Comprehensive workforce management
  • Robust employee profile
  • Track industry specific accreditations and credentials
  • Self-service and centralized management capabilities
  • Pre-built and self-service people analytics and reporting
  • Embedded benefits management
  • Team structures & management

Know your people and your organization inside and out

Understand your people, their unique qualities, their industry-specific skills and much more. Data is king, and the more we know about our people the better our organization will be. Track organizational structures, plan for where you might be next year, and take action with all of the necessary information at your fingertips.

  • Employee bio
  • Personal identifying information (where applicable)
  • Organizational information
  • Compensation information
  • Reporting structures
  • Skills
  • Accreditations and certifications

Take the work out of HR workforce management

Our employees have enough repetitive tasks to worry about on a day-to-day basis (timesheets, anyone?), let’s empower users to take their own actions, allow our HR professionals to focus on value-added activities and let the organization have all of the information they need accessible in real-time all the time.

  • Self-service capabilities (for appropriate information)
  • Central / Universal inbox for all actionable items
  • Workflow routing and approvals
  • Embedded notifications
  • Mobile access

Manage and Support HR Compliance All over the World

Automate compliance processes locally and globally by leveraging a core system that has your back and automatically provides updates so your firm can easily adapt and adopt local business processes, reporting requirements or legal changes.

  • Pre-built to accommodate professional services industry-specific requirements (bar information, CPA, Chartered Accountants, etc.)
  • Analysis of local regulations by experts to monitor each country’s laws
  • Automatic regulatory updates
  • Apply embedded localization to manage and standardized HR compliance

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