HCM Advantage

Administer and adjust plans, packages and eligibility criteria with your eyes closed. By having benefits embedded into the same solution as core HR information flows seamlessly throughout and makes the experience as simple as possible for you and your employees. Let’s give your employees the experience they deserve with a benefits system allowing people to review plans, enroll, make adjustments and do it from their phone or their computer.

A benefits system that is rewarding for everyone to use

  • Single platform for master data and benefits administration within Snap HCM Core
  • Numerous pre-built integrations to benefits providers
  • Various plan and eligibility support based on employee classification (partners vs. standard)
  • Align with country-specific requirements and open enrollment periods
  • Step-by-step wizards and instructions to assist with key benefits activities
  • Event handling – work and life events with built-in triggers
  • Easy communication when action needs to be taken by employees

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