Data Services


The world depends on good data

A successful transformation depends on data – quality, accuracy, structure, mappings, accessibility...the list goes on. Let our experts guide you make this key component as painless as possible in your project.

Data Services

Data Engineering Solutions

You know your data better than anyone, but, you may not have the time or resources to dedicate to cleaning and maintaining it. Let our experts work side-by-side with yours to accelerate your efforts, whether in a one-time or ongoing capacity.

  • Data Extraction

    Analyze existing data structures. Assist with extraction processes using leading-edge toolsets and experience.

  • Data Profiling

    Understand the current state of the data. Locate any gaps. Plan for subsequent stages.

  • Data Validation & Deduplication

    Check data formats, lookups, and the presence of mandatory data. Analyze actual and possible duplicates.

  • Address Cleansing & Standardization

    Use directories to intelligently convert addresses to a standard format.