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Integrated and Efficient

No matter how much or how little you source and procure, we’ve got your back to streamline operational purchasing and standardize procurement processes. Enable your firm with value-driven, compliant, and scalable procurement through next-gen enterprise practice management.

Operational & Strategic Purchasing

Regardless of firm size, locations, number of offices, or number of employees, an efficient and centralized purchasing function that provides flexibility and visibility to the organization is key to run at your best.

The needs of firms are evolving in today's changing world - whether that be working from home, working from collaborative spaces, or simply enabling firm health and safety policies - procurement plays a key role in keeping the firm moving forward.


  1. 01

    Support for full purchasing including requisition; purchase orders and goods receipts

  2. 02

    Native support for integration of a range of external invoicing and cost management systems

  3. 03

    Client money management that is compliant with the most stringent regulatory standards

  4. 04

    Automated and intelligent purchasing workflows

  5. 05

    Integration with the firm’s banks to allow for electronic payment submission and remittance advice

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