Efficient, flexible, accurate client and matter registration

Comprehensive client and matter registration that delivers best-practices throughout the new business intake process

In accepting and processing new business requests, law firms everywhere face growing challenges – internally, as well as from clients and regulators. New business management is an essential part of equipping your firm to meet each challenge with the right response. In serving your needs, the right software system should deliver appropriate functions in registration, accurate matter opening, conflict control and regulatory compliance.

Upfront intake and risk management reduces the administrative burden involved in these tasks and offers a simple registration process for clients and matters. A flexible, information-driven registration tool, Upfront simplifies several processes all in one solution: client evaluation, conflicts, terms of business, fee estimate setup, and regulatory compliance. From lawyers and risk staff to IT and marketing, Upfront can easily be used by employees at all levels.

Promptly evaluate new clients and matters, clear conflicts, mitigate risk, and reinforce internal policies.


Fully automated and flexible workflows streamline formerly manual business processes and optimize efficiency. By generating higher levels of confidence in data quality new business decisions are accelerated. Intelligent workflows also simplify compliance with AML and KYC standards while adhering to firm policies and standards becomes more scalable. The proper workflows meet the needs of your firm through robust form builders, reporting tools, notification and alerting engines, as well as full track and trace capabilities throughout the matter lifecycle.

  • Allows for complete registration on any device at any time
  • Implements best practice acceptance workflows pertinent to your firm

Enable your risk management team members and attorneys with a complete, intuitive conflicts and risk management solution – one that works just as they need it to while evaluating the right business relationships for your firm to take on. The solution provides comprehensive due diligence through a variety of filters. These include quick and detailed conflict searches, analysis of all conflicts through a real-time and interactive conflicts report builder, drive collaboration as well as visibility with a fully traceable audit trail, and worklist with dynamic alerts and notifications to ensure timely review and acceptance. The solution also integrates artificial intelligence by systematically ranking results and leveraging inherent filtering capabilities to provide recommendations of easily cleared conflicts, or those that may require more detailed attention. Your employees have different ways of working: Upfront can fully accommodate this through digital and email-based conflict clearance with fully embedded workflows.

  • Provides real-time results for immediate and comprehensive conflict checks
  • Includes a client verification system as well as relevant risk scores
  • Incorporates a robust suite of built-in validation and endorsement tools

Mitigate risk and intelligently meet client guidelines with fully integrated and intelligent terms management. Reduce manual effort in the analyzation of client guidelines by leveraging artificial intelligence to automatically categorize terms, compare and comply with numerous source documents while surfacing any potential changes across documents – old and new. With intelligent functionality built in, workflows disseminate key information and route to necessary parties and downstream processes. Meanwhile, solutions are provided with key client guideline information to apply validation and verification for terms compliance – from time entry and matter management to billing and collections. Avoid manual errors and eliminate negative sentiments associated with failure to adhere to client guidelines, all the while ensuring the firm’s accountability to every client.

Upfront intake and risk management provides a refined and intuitive client intake experience, accelerating the client intake and maintenance process while delivering sophisticated solutions to meet complex internal and external demands. 

  • Offers bespoke templates that are both legal-specific and pre-defined
  • Equips each employee with the right knowledge through a user-friendly system
Key Functionality
  • Speeds up every aspect of the client intake and maintenance processes
  • Delivers sophisticated solutions to meet a range of intake and risk management challenges
  • Organizes information so that you can communicate and collaborate easily

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