Modern analytics for the digital law firm

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Powerful analytics that provides law firms with immediate access to relevant data through role-based dashboards and reports

Data is a valuable asset for law firms: pivotal in formulating the right strategy and in making the right decisions. For optimum results, firms need to base those decisions on data that is verified and thoroughly analyzed.

Snap Insight delivers role-based analytics built on legal industry best practices, business processes, and provides only the relevant metrics for each role to enforce data privacy and security. This functionality enhances operational awareness throughout your law firm.

Built for the legal industry, Snap Insight™ analytics solution combines algorithms and defined KPIs and metrics through dashboards, drill-down visualizations, and reports that deliver invaluable information to partners, executives, and clients. By enabling each user to gain immediate, accurate insight across the firm, it empowers them to make informed decisions based on comprehensive real-time data.

Enable your firm with the power of real-time data at their fingertips through intuitive dashboards, embedded analytics, and reports

  • Provides live, critical information enabling you to make data-driven decisions
  • Delivers real-time analytics across every office of your law firm
  • Combines all relevant data into a single source of truth
  • Presents pre-built dashboards tailored specifically to global and regional law firms
  • Responds uniformly across all your devices from desktop to mobile
  • Gives you data analysis that is embedded, smart and predictive
  • Deploys the best-of-breed SAP technology in every application
  • Accesses all of your relevant data through role-based dashboards and reports
  • Informs your key strategic decisions using comprehensive live data
  • Draws on legal industry best practices, business processes, and metrics

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