An Integrated Productivity Enhancement Suite

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A comprehensive human capital management system designed specifically with your law firm’s employees in mind

Managing employees well improves the rate of retention, productivity, and overall output of a firm. To achieve best practice Human Capital Management (HCM) law firms must align HR and IT strategy, which requires a centralized, user-friendly solution.

Powered by SAP SuccessFactors, the Snap HCM solutions suite comprises an entire set of fully integrated talent management solutions, extensive workforce and diversity analytics, and planning. It also includes a next-generation core HR solution tailored to the structure and needs of law firms.

To meet HR needs Snap HCM solutions suite provides accurate employee data, a robust learning management platform, seamless onboarding and recruiting processes, defined succession planning development, performance and goals frameworks, and a comprehensive analytics platform.

Snap HCM delivers better employee management in every firm, regardless of size.

Deliver a comprehensive people-centric platform and provide key information that adds value for all stakeholders across the firm

  • Optimizes core HR employee information for monitoring and management
  • Enables comprehensive workforce organization and strategic analytics
  • Provides learning management facilities for every employee in your law firm
  • Allows management to set goals and targets with full performance tracking
  • Offers everything you need for recruiting and onboarding to work smoothly
  • Helps determine proper succession planning and full career development
  • Delivers business strategy alignment, team execution, and diversity planning
  • Maximizes people performance through careful management of objectives
  • Integrates employee talent within your firm to develop their full potential
  • Generates accurate employee data in a comprehensive analytics platform

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