Modern, streamlined, and simplified ebilling operations

Comprehensive ebilling with Salvo

The Salvo ebilling solution utilizes workflow to enable collaboration, automatically highlights and enforces client guidelines and billing rules to drive compliance, and provides embedded analytics to make informed decisions.

Automatically convert your invoices to the specified file format, submit multiple ebills to multiple vendor sites, and track errors and status with the click of a button—no more pain of checking each site individually. Salvo utilizes intelligent technologies to alleviate manual efforts and get real-time visibility into the ebill process.

Invoice verification engines enforce client guidelines and billing rules, flagging errors or exceptions so invoices aren’t rejected at time of submission. Embedded dashboards and reporting tools make it easy to view and evaluate your entire ebill process to drive compliance and timely service-to-cash cycles.

The solution can provide real-time updates across all vendor sites which reduces the delay of information and allows law firms to more quickly respond to rejections. This also helps the collection team to more quickly view the status of outstanding invoices before contacting the client.

“We’re starting to use the tool to the fullest, getting a faster turn around on our cash, and identifying problems sooner”

Kim Wasilewski, CFO, Bradford & Barthel

Variable data views offer the most flexible and comprehensive look into your ebilling process

Track invoices and billing rules in real-time at comprehensive levels of detail
  • Process any bill type and format (LEDES, UTBMS codes, etc.) with granular detail
  • Embedded analytics and data-driven reports deliver comprehensive legal billing operations visibility
  • Embedded workflows simplify the review and approval process
  • Real-time collaboration between parties for improved timeliness of invoice payment/resolution

The net result is that your billing department will have better visibility on potential ebilling issues and the ability to easily review and correct errors before submission which reduces rejections and write-offs.




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