Best-practice enterprise legal management

Connecting you to the global financial supply chain, ensuring that you always get the best value from the best available resources

Insufficient knowledge and restricted access can often limit the buying power of busy corporate legal departments. Without comprehensive and specific information, they cannot fully optimize their operations and control costs.

Salvo enterprise legal management delivers corporate legal departments with matter management, spend management, collaboration portals, and eBilling. The system is specifically designed to connect every aspect of in-house legal operations to the global financial supply chain.

Track matters and legal spend in real-time at comprehensive levels of detail


Set up new matters through built-in risk management and intake workflows and easily collaborate with outside counsel to maintain and set up budgets, approved timekeepers, rates and documents. All this can be achieved while having role-based access and security in place to an in-house practice management system that maintains every dimension of your legal matters.

  • Standardize and optimize legal operations processes
  • Collaborate with outside counsel, providing feedback at matter, phase or even task level, to strengthen relationships and receive better solutions to your legal problems
  • Gain insight into every dimension of an organization’s legal operations
  • Improve matter results and minimize risk

Embedded analytics and real-time data visibility allow for actionable analysis – by providing a constant view into your organization’s comprehensive legal operations, right down to a single matter’s status throughout every stage of its lifecycle. Salvo’s invoice verification workbench automatically evaluates each incoming invoice, flagging and notifying users of any billing errors in accordance with outside counsel guidelines, pricing and rate negotiations, matter structure and appropriate bill codes, as well as monitoring for any budget overruns.

  • Strategically manage legal costs
  • Real-time visibility into key legal operations objectives and results
  • Automate invoice review and verification processes
  • Utilize legal project management toolsets for tighter control on all matters

A comprehensive enterprise legal management platform. Its fully embedded workflows enable legal operations teams to work more efficiently, collaborate internally and externally, and focus more of their time on value add activities. Utilizing intelligent technologies to verify and expedite invoice reviews, Salvo streamlines the process alleviating manual efforts. It also provides complete real-time visibility into all matter related activities and information so you can effectively manage costs and outside counsel relationships.

  • Process any bill type and format (LEDES, UTBMS codes, etc.) with granular detail
  • Embedded analytics and data-driven reports deliver comprehensive legal billing operations visibility
  • Invoice verification workbench automatically enforces client guidelines and billing rules, flagging errors or exceptions
  • Embedded workflows simplify review, approval, and payment processes
  • Real-time collaboration between parties for improved timeliness of invoice payment/resolution

The net result is that your legal department can achieve lower prices, spend less time reviewing invoices, and enhance your level of trust with vendors.

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