Effortless time recording, cleaner data, improved realization

A time management solution that completely records and effortlessly tracks every minute that matters.

As competition in the legal industry continues to grow, service offerings are shifting away from traditional models and reliance on supplementary business lines has increased. Time entry is no longer focused on a single dimension – time cards. Instead, it should now be examined from the perspective of comprehensive time management: billable and non-billable, payroll, hourly employee clock-in and clock-out, and contingent labor time all form part of how today’s law firms operate or will soon be operating.

“The billing rules, some of the flexibility that it offered, the templates, that really became attractive to us.”

Kim Wasilewski, CFO, Bradford & Barthel

With fully mobile functionality, Epoch enables timekeepers to manage their time when and how they want

Time Entry

Epoch time management solution simplifies the time entry process and improves the accuracy and validity of timekeeper data. To keep that data clean, it utilizes robust data validation checks and rapid, automated time-keeping methods.

  • Focuses entirely on the user making accurate recording simpler to achieve
  • Addresses all the time-related needs of a professional service firm business
  • Incorporates time card entries for billable/non-billable time, payroll and time tracking for hourly employees
  • Creates extendable applications for contingent labor with approval capabilities
Time Data Validation

Clients are seeking better solutions and data from their lawyers, just as law firms seek to provide greater value in the services they deliver. From alternative fee arrangements to stricter write-off policies, the importance of clean time-card data has never been greater.

  • Uses expedient time entry methods that allow for less missed time
  • eBilling integration for adherence to client guidelines
  • Cleaner data through strict data validation and intelligent logic
  • Enables offline entry synchronization for complete continuity of recording
Key Functionality
  • Secures all information soundly through both on-premise and cloud-based platforms
  • Total synchronization across all devices on-the-go or in the office
  • Seamlessly integrates with any of your existing practice management systems
  • Identifies when and what to record, making time recording effortless
  • Improves your realization rate, reducing write-offs and adding value

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