Scope, price, and manage projects all in one solution

A matter management solution that enables in-depth control over diverse projects all in one place

Complex matters require effective quotes, realistic budgets, and balanced team structures. These factors need constant management to achieve a consistent level of success in each matter.

The Curo matter management solution maximizes profitability by combining best-practice pricing, budgeting, and matter tracking. This functionality enables you to administer different aspects of a matter comprehensively in one solution – and to contain the cost.

Intricate fee arrangements can be modeled to improve margins and meet client demands while team structures can be engineered to achieve the best-leveraged resources. Curo matter management tracks actuals vs. budget in real-time to predict and send alerts for any cost overruns in the matter lifecycle which aids in keeping costs on budget and improving margins by allowing for fewer write-downs.

Real-time data provides insight into budget status through variance reports


Understand client needs, arrange matters appropriately – down to the task level – and formulate a team composition best fit to deliver an optimal result. Leverage historical matter data to assemble an appropriate matter arrangement both for the client and key firm metrics – whether profitability, resource utilization, or timeliness.

  • Provides flexibility in matter structures to deliver efficient services
  • Creates working templates and quote versions to accurately meet client needs
  • Offers real-time analysis on cost breakdown, leverage, contribution margin and more

Industry evolution has shifted pricing away from simple hourly rate structures as firms have embraced varying fee arrangements to meet client expectations. Native integration into Pro Billing allows for client terms and rates to be pulled directly into quotes for realistic estimates in pricing scenarios while simultaneously monitoring the potential impact to the firm. Dynamic pricing and fee arrangement modeling enables detail-oriented analysis, right down to the task level of detail, enabling predictability on key matter performance metrics such as price, utilization, and client satisfaction.

  • Intelligent pricing for highly accurate and time effective quotes
  • Generates individual quotes giving insight into each matter’s activity
  • Models intricate fee arrangements, improves margins, meets client demands

Monitor actuals vs. budgets in real-time with proactive alerts and notifications; enable simple adjustments to matter scope and budgets; and, through real-time dashboard and reports, track key metrics to ensure matter profitability, resource utilization, and client satisfaction.

Capable of easily generating and comparing data-driven quotes using advanced intelligent data science modeling and machine learning, Curo matter management affords deep insight into each matter. This includes activity, profitability, success rates, optimum team structures and client preferences – improving the ability to control cost and to adjust to matter lifecycle issues while better meeting client needs. Making matters more profitable has never been easier.

  • Administers every aspect of a matter in one solution keeping costs down
  • Deals with each matter in real-time, tracking and tracing key data
  • Flexible workflows to enable the approval process suitable for the firm
Key Functionality
  • Combines best practice, pricing, budgeting and monitoring to maximize profit
  • Offers a responsive design for access and effortless use across all your devices
  • Includes best practice reporting as a standard built-in feature

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