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simplify your project and lower risk with partner packaged solutions.

Our Process

We perform every aspect of the implementation process – from preparation and blueprinting to end-user training and post-go-live support. Certified by SAP to implement solutions within a fixed scope, at a fixed price, and according to a fixed timeline, we reduce risk and uncertainty during your firm’s transformation.

Throughout the process, Fulcrum specialist teams work with you providing expert advice and support at every stage.

  • 90+% solution fit framework out-of-the-box
  • Utilizes world-class business processes
  • Reusable for inevitable business changes
  • Rigorous testing with multiple cycles throughout each project: unit testing, string testing, integration testing, and end-user acceptance testing.
  • Pre-built deliverables include business process flows, user documentation, training materials, master data model, and test scripts

ensure a smooth transition with in-depth change management.

Fast-Track Your Deployment With SAP Best Practices

Global firms can expect to be up and running in six to nine months, with small- to medium-sized firms in three to six months—all with a fixed scope, fixed timeline, and fixed price.

Utilizing SAP Activate Phases- Prepare, Explore, Realize, and Deploy

  • Delivers every critical aspect of implementation, training, and support
  • Provides peace of mind and ease of use, eliminating risk and uncertainty
  • Creates robust systems to meet your specific needs in scope and scale

Solution Credentialing by SAP

Fulcrum solutions are certified as Partner Packaged Solutions (PPS) by SAP which means they are built to meet high standards and deliver a stable experience.

For Faster Implementation Harness The Power of SAP ACTIVATE Methodology

This tested methodology allows for 40% less time and effort in deployment compared with the similar scope of a traditional project.

  • Prepare

    Perform detailed project planning & scoping, establish the project team.

  • Explore

    Achieve a common understanding on how to run SAP to support the business.

  • Realize

    Implement all the business process requirements based on the Business Blueprint.

  • Deploy

    Setup the production system, confirm customer organization readiness, and to switch business operation to the new system.

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