Webinar: Conflicts and New Business Intake Risk Management

October 14, 2020

Managing Clients, Matters, and Associated Parties

You asked and we listened! The next topic in our Meet The Experts Series on Conflicts and New Business Intake Risk Management will center on managing associated parties, and maintaining clients and matters. Hosted by our subject matter experts, Fulcrum GT invites you to attend this webinar on Thursday, November 5th at 11am CT.

By joining the webinar, you will have the opportunity to learn about:

  1. Validating parties and verifying data integrity
  2. Identifying principal owners and corporate family relationships
  3. Maintaining ongoing matters
  4. Managing inactive matters and reopening matters

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Our Expert Hosts

Deborah Lindberg

Director of Risk Management

Casey Beck

Senior Subject Matter Expert: Risk Management

The Experts’ Summary:

This webinar will focus on best practices, comprehensive due diligence on all related parties, and establishing procedures for inactive matters and/or the reopening of closed matters. Regardless of size, firms will benefit from measured procedures for managing associated parties, clients, and matters.

It’s a great opportunity to raise questions about associated party management best practices. Your respected peers will be attending and sharing their experiences as well. Open discussion is encouraged.